College Mace


A beautiful ceremonial College Mace produced for the Sumulong College of Arts and Science (SCAS) in Antipolo, Rizal. Standing 4 feet tall, it is a perfect symbol of the college’s honor, excellence and dedication. Made from wood and brass, a good combination that shows contrast in texture – or the harmony between opacity and luster. The SCAS emblem was marked through the delicate process of metal engraving and metal coloring. Finishing touches involves attention to details. The wood base and back support were thoroughly sanded before they were sprayed with paint. The brass plate was welded with care to prevent damaging the material. Cutting the brass plate were also carefully done to achieve the right shape and proportion. Finally, the edges were smoothened to allow the contours to appear flawlessly. If you want to acquire one for your institution, Greatest Amore Enterprise is ever ready to produce one for you.


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