Glassboard Calendar


Tired of your messy whiteboard calendar? Having a hard time drawing its lines, to keep it straight and neatly connected? Not to mention erasing your old schedules in the boxes while keeping the lines intact. It’s a cumbersome work that takes a significant share from your working time.  Likewise, the whiteboard accumulates scratches, dirt and stains, that you would want to replace it on a regular basis.

Greatest Amore Enterprise’s Glassboard Calendar is the answer to all that problems. The ready to install 4x3 ft. Glass board Calendar comes with permanent lines, 7x5 boxes, with labelled days, a header board and a good space for your notes. Erasing and editing will be an easy task and the work to keep your schedules updated can be done in shorter time.  Our Tempered Glass board Calendar is best for classrooms, lobbies, offices etc. You can also have our Regular Glassboard Calendar.


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