Writing Glass Board


Writing Glass Board is a blackboard/whiteboard with class. A blackboard is boring and reminds you of your grade school classrooms; while the traditional whiteboard accumulates scratches, lines and dirt in time - remind you not to use the wrong marker and make a mess on the board. Writing Glass Board is clean and easy to write on whatever marker you use and you can wipe it out in no time.

A Writing Glass Board is a must for your company’s conference room if you want to create the right corporate ambiance. Size is customizable according to the space available in your office or conference room. The glass board’s surface is guaranteed smooth and without scratch to achieve the necessary texture for writing. It’s sides are finely cut and finished. Installation is secured with glass screws.

Greatest Amore Enterprise offers various types of Glass Boards. We have writing glass board for walls, wheeled or rolling glass board and magnetic glass board.


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